I think Robin Hanson's ideas are not read nearly as widely as they should be, in part because it's difficult to navigate his many, many blog posts (I estimate he's written 2000 of them exactly 3302 of them). So I'd like to pay someone to read through all his writings and compile the best ones into a more accessible format. The default output would be an ebook like Rationality: from AI to Zombies, containing several thematically-linked sequences of posts; possible extensions of this include adding summaries or publishing physical copies (although let me know if you have any other suggestions).

I expect this to take 1-2 months of work, and plan to pay around $10k USD (more details to be determined as we get a better idea of the scope of the project). My gmail address is richardcngo; email me with the subject line "Hanson compilation", plus any relevant information about yourself, if you might be interested in doing this.

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