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Thanks for the feedback Ryan!

I like this paper, but I think the abstract is somewhat overstated.

This is good to know.  We were trying to present an accurate summary in the abstract while keeping it concise, which is a tricky balance. Seems like we didn’t do a good enough job here, so we’ll update the abstract to caveat the results a bit more.

Hidden passage debate on QuALITY is actually pretty narrow as far as domains go and might have pretty different properties from future cases.

Yep, agreed! QuALITY is a great testbed for debate, but we definite... (read more)

4Ryan Greenblatt18d
Thanks for the response! I think I agree with everything you said and I appreciate the level of thoughtfulness. Great! I appreciate the inclusion of negative results here. Yep, I'd be interested in this setup, but maybe where we ban egregious jailbreaks or simillar.