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Man, what a post!

My knowledge of alignment is somewhat limited, so keep in mind some of my questions may be a bit dumb simply because there are holes in my understanding.

It seems hard to scan a trained neural network and locate the AI’s learned “tree” abstraction. For very similar reasons, it seems intractable for the genome to scan a human brain and back out the “death” abstraction, which probably will not form at a predictable neural address. Therefore, we infer that the genome can’t directly make us afraid of death by e.g. specifying circuitry which d

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This seems wrong to me. Twin studies, GCTA estimates, and actual genetic predictors all predict that a portion of the variance in human biases is "hardcoded" in the genome.

I'd also imagine that mathematical skill is heritable. [Finds an article on Google Scholar] The abstract of seems to agree. Yet due to information inaccesibility and lack of selection pressure ancestrally, I infer math ability probably isn't hardcoded. 

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