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[comment wondering about impracticality of running a 1000x scaled up GPT. But as Gwern points out, running costs are actually pretty low. So even if we spent a billion or more on training a human-level AI, running costs would still be manageable.]

As noted, the electricity cost of running GPT-3 is quite low, and even with the capital cost of GPUs being amortized in, GPT-3 likely doesn't cost dollars to run per hundred pages, so scaled up ones aren't going to cost millions to run either. (But how much would you be willing to pay for the right set of 100 pages from a legal or a novel-writing AI? "Information wants to be expensive, because the right information can change your life...") GPT-3 cost millions of dollars to train, but pennies to run.

That's the terrifying thing about NNs and what I dub the ... (read more)