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Knowledge is not just map/territory resemblance

I love the depth you're going into with this sequence, and I am very keen to read more about this. I wonder if the word "knowledge" is not ideal. It seems like the examples you've given, while all clearly "knowledge" could correspond to different things. Possibly the human-understandable concept of "knowledge" is tied up with lots of agent-y optimizer-y things which make it more difficult to describe in a human-comfortable way on the level of physics (or maybe it's totally possible and you're going to prove me dead-wrong in the next few posts!)

My other tho... (read more)

1Alex Flint6moThank you for the kind words Jemist. Yeah I'm open to improvements upon the use of the word "knowledge" because you're right that what I'm describing here isn't quite what either philosophers or cognitive scientists refer to as knowledge. Yes knowledge-accumulating systems do seem to be a special case of optimizing systems [] . It may be that among all optimizing systems, it is precisely the ones that accumulate knowledge in the process of optimization that are of most interest to us from an alignment perspective, because knowledge-accumulating optimizing systems are (perhaps) the most powerful of all optimizing systems.