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Let's See You Write That Corrigibility Tag

(This was an interesting exercise! I wrote this before reading any other comments; obviously most of the bullet points are unoriginal)

The basics

  • It doesn't prevent you from shutting it down
  • It doesn't prevent you from modifying it
  • It doesn't deceive or manipulate you
  • It does not try to infer your goals and achieve them; instead it just executes the most straightforward, human-common-sense interpretation of its instructions
  • It performs the task with minimal side-effects (but without explicitly minimizing a measure of side-effects)
  • If it self-modifies or co
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Relaxed adversarial training for inner alignment

Minor comment on clarity: you don't explicitly define relaxed adversarial training (it's only mentioned in the title and the conclusion), which is a bit confusing for someone coming across the term for the first time. Since this is the current reference post for RAT I think it would be nice if you did this explicitly; for example, I'd suggest renaming the second section to 'Formalizing relaxed adversarial training', and within the section call it that instead of 'Pauls approach'

2Evan Hubinger1mo
Good point—edited.