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Rando et al. (2022)

This link is broken btw!

1Stephen Casper13d
Thanks! Fixed. [] 

I went through the paper for a reading group the other day, and I think the video really helped me to understand what is going on in the paper. Parts I found most useful were indications which parts of the paper / maths were most important to be able to understand, and which were not (tensor products).

I had made some effort to read the paper before with little success, but now feel like I understand the overall results of the paper pretty well. I’m very positive about this video, and similar things like this being made in the future!

Personal context: I also found the intro to IB video series similarly useful. I’m an AI masters student who has some pre-existing knowledge about AI alignment. I have a maths background.

2Neel Nanda5mo
Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear it was useful :)