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Gwern asks"Why would you do that and ignore (mini literature review follows):"  

Thompson did not ignore the papers Gwern cites.  A number of them are in Thompson's tables comparing prior work on scaling.  Did Gwern tweet this criticism without even reading Thompson's paper?

I did read it, and he did ignore them. Do you really think I criticized a paper publicly in harsh terms for not citing 12 different papers without even checking the bibliography or C-fing the titles/authors? Please look at the first 2020 paper version I was criticizing in 16 July 2020, when I wrote that comment, and don't lazily misread the version posted 2 years later on 27 July 2022 which, not being a time traveler, I obviously could not have read or have been referring to (and which may well have included those refs because of my comments there & elsewhere). (Not that I am impressed by their round 2 stuff which they tacked on - but at least now they acknowledge that prior scaling research exists and try to defend their very different approach at all.)