(Edited 10/14/22 to add Lifland review.)

Open Philanthropy solicited reviews of my draft report “Is power-seeking AI an existential risk?” (Edit: arXiv version here) from various sources. Where the reviewers allowed us to make their comments public in this format, links to these comments are below, along with some responses from me in blue. 

  1. Leopold Aschenbrenner
  2. Ben Garfinkel 
  3. Daniel Kokotajlo 
  4. Eli Lifland
  5. Neel Nanda
  6. Nate Soares
  7. Christian Tarsney
  8. David Thorstad
  9. David Wallace
  10. Anonymous 1 (software engineer at AI research team)
  11. Anonymous 2 (academic computer scientist)

The table below (spreadsheet link here) summarizes each reviewer’s probabilities and key objections.

Screenshot of linked summary spreadsheet

An academic economist focused on AI also provided a review, but they declined to make it public in this format.

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