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Sure, but I guess I would say that we're back to nebulous territory then—how much longer than six months? When if ever does the pause end?

i agree that, if hashed out, the end criteria may very well resemble RSPs. still, i would strongly advocate for scaling moratorium until widely (internationally) acceptable RSPs are put in place.

I'd very surprised if there was substantial x-risk from the next model generation.

i share the intuition that the current and next LLM generations are unlikely an xrisk. however, i don't trust my (or anyone else's) intuitons strongly enough to say that there's a less than 1% xrisk per 10x scaling of compute. in expectation, that's killing 80M existing people -- people who are unaware that this is happening to them right now.


the FLI letter asked for “pause for at least 6 months the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4” and i’m very much willing to defend that!

my own worry with RSPs is that they bake in (and legitimise) the assumptions that a) near term (eval-less) scaling poses trivial xrisk, and b) there is a substantial period during which models trigger evals but are existentially safe. you must have thought about them, so i’m curious what you think.

that said, thank you for the post, it’s a very valuable discussion to have! upvoted.