Luke H Miles


Reframing Superintelligence: Comprehensive AI Services as General Intelligence

One way to test the "tasks don't overlap" idea is to have two nets do two different tasks, but connect their internal layers. Then see how high the weights on those layers get. Like, is the internal processing done by Mario AI useful for Greek translation at all? If it is then backprop etc should discover that.

Creating Environments to Design and Test Embedded Agents

Or something simpler would be that the agent's money counter is in the environment but unmodifiable except by getting tokens, and the agent's goal is to maximize this quantity. Feels kind of fake maybe because money gives the agent no power or intelligence, but it's a valid object-in-the-world to have a preference over the state of.

Yet another option is to have the agent maximize energy tokens (which actions consume)

Creating Environments to Design and Test Embedded Agents

Yes I agree it feels fishy. The problem with maximizing rubes is that the dilemmas might get lost in the detail of preventing rube hacking. Perhaps agents can "paint" existing money their own color, and money can only be painted once, and agents want to paint as much money as possible. Then the details remain in the env