Marco Monroy

Can we as observervers, influence reality?  Is it true that my thoughts are interacting with the universe and producing what I experience as reality?  The academic world has focused on answering these questions based on the scientific model that ultimately whatever the answer is, it must be expressed in a mathematical model, whether a formula, or an algorithm, yet no mathematical models that can recreate awareness nor understanding. 

Ever since high school, I have been fascinated by physics but ended up becoming a corporate finance expert at Royal Dutch Shell.  I devoted all my available time in between traveling for business to experiment and see to what degree I could impact the outcome of the foreseeable future, and ever since I took the conscious decision to observe my thought patterns and see if they manifest in the physical world.  Not every endeavorr was succesful yet it moved me closer to understanding what did not work.  I was able to conduct multiple trials with people who accepted to try it under my coaching and for the most part it did govery well.  I was able to conduct research on hundreds of individuals as to how to remain focused and influence the outcome of a future event.

High success led me to believe I was on the right track and led me to write my first book in Spanish: "Cuantico La Pieza que Faltaba" (Quantum, The Missing Piece") which I wrote as a guide on how to observe consciously the transformation of your movie, based on what you focused on

My scientific goal was to make the method replicable by anyone who tries it, even if we do not yet understand why it happens, at least know how to use the positive effect it. Eventually, we will understand the physics of our influence on the perception of reality.  

I became quite successful at completely changing my reality and manifesting a different lifestyle every time I choose to do it, and became so confident in the method that I would video record myself prior to the beginning of the thought process that would lead me to the next me, so that I will be able to prove beyond any doubt to whoever questioned it. 

Eventually, I realized I was not truly steering the ship,  I thought I was the captain of my ship because I saw myself sitting in the captain's chair; now I know it was merely an observation point of view,  It took me many errors and retractions to come to this point where I have enough evidence to take a conscious leap and focus on the only theory that most closely matches my conscious observations of reality.  Knowing more does not improve your sense of being, but perceiving through the eyes of the observer within does improve your knowledge and understanding of reality.

We are trapped in a holographic universe replicating the life of the original you in order to understand and have a first-person experience of your life.

The understanding of the simulated universe has brought profound changes to my life and transformed me in a way I would have never imagined back when I was at the peak of my corporate career.


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