Educated as an engineer, I've been a product designer & product designer manager, a factory & tool room manager, a logistics & supply chain consultant, a programmer & software consultancy manager, and a director of a handful of startups. I'm one of the Bellroy founders & executive team members.

We humans don't come with instruction manuals, but if we did they'd have to mention: systematic habit acquisition, conceptual model building, polyphasic sleep, speed reading, optimised exercise & diet and many other uncommonly adopted but excellent things.

My company, TrikeApps, was responsible for the first Lesswrong codebase. I'm very happy to have been involved, and very happy with what our successors have done with the current Lesswrong codebase (for the avoidance of any undue credit, we did not contribute to the new codebase, and would have been proud of the result if we had).


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