TLDR; PIBBSS is hiring for a full-time Project Manager who will be responsible for running the second iteration of the PIBBSS Summer Research Fellowship

To apply, please complete this application form


PIBBSS aims to facilitate knowledge transfer from fields studying intelligent behaviour in natural systems to AI safety and alignment. 

The Project Manager will be supported by TJ and Nora  (who ran the fellowship in 2022) to help transfer learnings from last year’s fellowship, and work alongside (and manage) 1-3 team members to help execute the program.  

  • More information about the role here.
  • Application form
    • We accept and evaluate applications on a rolling basis. Note that we are looking to hire as soon as possible and no later than early October. 

We’re happy to discuss this opportunity with any potential applicants. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have at:  

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