This Sunday join a watch-party for Vanessa Kosoy's discussion of Infra-Bayesianism on the AI X-Risk Research Podcast (AXRP), then discuss it with other LessWrongers.

The first 30 mins of the event will be for focused listening / reading of the transcript, and the subsequent 90 mins will be on discussion. If you'd like to just show up for the discussion, you're welcome to show up half an hour in.

Vanessa Kosoy is an AI Alignment researcher supported by MIRI and the LTFF. She is based in Israel and writes regularly on LessWrong / the AI Alignment Forum.

Infra-Bayesianism is approach to understanding foundational questions of agency, and has bearing on the AI alignment problem.

MIRI writes of her work:

Vanessa Kosoy and Alex Appel’s infra-Bayesianism is a novel framework for modeling reasoning in cases where the reasoner’s hypothesis space may not include the true environment.

This framework is interesting primarily because it seems applicable to such a wide variety of problems: non-realizability, decision theory, anthropics, embedded agency, reflection, and the synthesis of induction/probability with deduction/logic. Vanessa describes infra-Bayesianism as “opening the way towards applying learning theory to many problems which previously seemed incompatible with it.”

We're meeting at this Zoom link at noon (PDT) this Sunday:

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