Conjecture and ARAYA are hosting and organizing the first Japan AI Alignment Conference. The conference will take place in Tokyo, Japan on March 11 and 12. Details about the event can be found here. This event is generously supported by a grant from the Long Term Future Fund.

The goal of the conference is to illustrate the AI control problem to Japanese AI researchers, introduce them to current trends in AI alignment research, inspire new research directions, and to provide Western researchers exposure to a different set of AI safety thoughts from Japan. This is an exploratory event, and we plan to write a postmortem about the event in due time.

The first half of the conference will be livestreamed. It will feature an opening talk from Connor Leahy (CEO of Conjecture), a fireside chat between Ryota Kanai (CEO of ARAYA) and Jaan Tallinn, and some presentations on AI safety research directions in the West and in Japan. You can follow the first part of the conference here. The livestream runs from 9:30am-12:30pm JST.

The rest of the conference will not be livestreamed, and will consist of in-person small group workshops to discuss various AI alignment research directions.
The conference will have ~50 attendees from ARAYA, Conjecture, Whole Brain Architecture Initiative, MIRI, OpenAI, RIKEN, Ritsumeikan University, University of Tokyo, Omron Sinic X, Keio University, and others.

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