First, join the Garden here.

Avoiding Technical Issues

  • Refreshing will fix many problems.
  • Wear headphones! This makes for a better experience for everyone.
  • The Garden won’t load from an incognito window; 3rd party cookies must be enabled.
  • Please report any issues to the LessWrong team via Intercom or email (

Garden Tips (including how to find your meetup)

The Left Sidebar contains both Chat and People list. Use chat to coordinate! 

If you click on someone's name in the People List (accessed via bottom icon, left sidebar), you can select Locate on Map (draws a line to them) or Follow (makes your character walks to theirs).

Walk into the The Tardis in the central garden to access our rapid-transit teleporter room. Walk onto any labeled place to instantly travel there.

If you get lost, click on your name in the bottom-middle toolbar (e.g. "Ruby Online"). Then you can reset your position to the start area.

If you're engaged in a riveting conversation, you might want to expand people's videos to take up more space (Zoom-style). You do this by clicking the double-down arrow beneath the videos

That's it. Enjoy your Garden time!