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[External Event] 2022 IEEE Conference on Assured Autonomy (ICAA)

Speaking as a moderator here, I think it's great that Aryeh is posting about this event. Probably of interest to a few people, so at least worth having as a Personal blogpost.

Welcome & FAQ!

You're right. Maybe worth the extra words for now.

What 2026 looks like (Daniel's Median Future)

Curated. This post feels virtuous to me. I'm used to people talking about timelines in terms of X% chance of  Y by year Z; or otherwise in terms of a few macro features (GDP doubling every N months, FOOM). This post, even if most of the predictions turn out to be false, is the kind of piece that enables us to start having specific conversations about how we expect things to play out and why.  It helps me see what Daniel expects. And it's concrete enough to argue with. For that, bravo.

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Search versus design

Honestly, Pace and Pence should team up to make a super team. Nomitive similarity ought to be a Schelling feature for coordination.