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I mean, it's mostly semantics but I think of mechanical interpretability as "inner" but not alignment and think it's clearer that way, personally, so that we don't call everything alignment. Observing properties doesn't automatically get you good properties. I'll read your link but it's a bit too much to wade into for me atm.

Either way, it's clear how to restate my question: Is mechanical interpretability work the only inner alignment work Anthropic is doing?

Great post. I'm happy to see these plans coming out, following OpenAI's lead.

It seems like all the safety strategies are targeted at outer alignment and interpretability. None of the recent OpenAI, Deepmind, Anthropic, or Conjecture plans seem to target inner alignment, iirc, even though this seems to me like the biggest challenge.

Is Anthropic mostly leaving inner alignment untouched, for now?

I haven't read your papers but your proposal seems like it would scale up until the point when the AGI looks at itself. If it can't learn at this point then I find it hard to believe it's generally capable, and if it can, it will have incentive to simply remove the device or create a copy of itself that is correct about its own world model. Do you address this in the articles?

On the other hand, this made me curious about what we could do with an advanced model that is instructed to not learn and also whether we can even define and ensure a model stops learning.