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I find myself confused about what point this post is trying to make even after reading through it twice. Can you summarize your central point in 100 words or less?

If the title is meant to be a summary of the post, I think that would be analogous to someone saying "nuclear forces provide an untapped wealth of energy". It's true, but the reason the energy is untapped is because nobody has come up with a good way of tapping into it. A post which tried to address engineering problems around energy production by "we need to look closely at how to extract energy from the strong interaction and we need to check if we can squeeze anything out of that whenever new physics is discovered" would not be compelling.

If you come up with a strategy for how to do this then I'm much more interested, and that's a big reason why I'm asking for a summary since I think you might have tried to express something like this in the post that I'm missing.