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I'm confused. (As in, actually confused. The following should hopefwly point at what pieces I'm missing in order to understand what you mean by a "problem" for the notion.)

Vingean agency "disappears when we look at it too closely"

I don't really get why this would be a problem. I mean, "agency" is an abstraction, and every abstraction becomes predictably useless once you can compute the lower layer perfectly, at least if you assume compute is cheap. Balloons!

Imagine you've never seen a helium balloon before, and you see it slowly soaring to the sky. You could have predicted this by using a few abstractions like density of gases and Archimedes' principle. Alternatively, if you had the resources, you could make the identical prediction (with inconsequentially higher precision) by extrapolating from the velocities and weights of all the individual molecules, and computed that the sum of forces acting on the bottom of the balloon exceeds the sum acting on the top. I don't see how the latter being theoretically possible implies a "problem" for abstractions like "density" and "Archimedes' principle".