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At the risk of sounding insane. I remember doing similar things but used git to keep track of branches. A warning that I wished I had back then before I shelved it.

There's a phenomenon where your thoughts and generated text have no barrier. It's hard to describe but it's similar to how you don't feel the controller and the game character is an extension of the self.

It leaves you vulnerable to being hurt by things generated characters say because you're thoroughly immersed.

They will say anything with non-zero probability.

It's easy to lose sleep when playing video games. Especially when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Sleep deprivation+LLM induced hallucinations aren't fun. Make sure to get sleep.

Beware, LLM's will continue negative thinking. You can counter with steering it to positive thinking and solutions. Obviously, not all negative thoughts are within your current ability to solve or counter, like the heat death of the universe. Don't get stuck down a negative thoughts branch and despair.