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Preface to the sequence on iterated amplification

This is a very good point. IIRC Paul is working on some new blog posts that summarize his more up-to-date approach, though I don't know when they'll be done. I will ask Paul when I next run into him about what he thinks might be the best way to update the sequence.

[MLSN #1]: ICLR Safety Paper Roundup

Thank you! I am glad you are doing this!

Garrabrant and Shah on human modeling in AGI

Promoted to curated: I found this conversation useful from a number of different perspectives, and found the transcript surprisingly easy to read (though it is still very long). The key question the conversation tried to tackle, about whether we should put resources into increasing the safety of AI systems by reducing the degree to which they try to model humans, is one that I've been interested in for a while. But I also felt like this conversation, more so than most other transcripts, gave me a better insight into how both Scott and Rohin think about these topics in general, and what kind of heuristics they use to evaluate various AI alignment proposals.

Intermittent Distillations #4: Semiconductors, Economics, Intelligence, and Technological Progress.

I also found these very valuable! I wonder whether a better title might help more people see how great these are, but not sure.

Measuring hardware overhang

Replaced the image in the post with this image.

Alex Turner's Research, Comprehensive Information Gathering

Minor meta feedback: I think it's better to put the "Comprehensive Information Gathering" part of the title at the end, if you want to have many of these. That makes it much easier to see differences in the title and skim a list of them.

[AN #152]: How we’ve overestimated few-shot learning capabilities

The newsletter is back! I missed these! Glad to have these back.

Rogue AGI Embodies Valuable Intellectual Property

Promoted to curated: I've had a number of disagreements with a perspective on AI that generates arguments like the above, which takes something like "ownership of material resources" as a really fundamental unit of analysis, and I feel like this post has both helped me get a better grasp on that paradigm of thinking, and also helped me get a bit of a better sense of what feels off to me, and I have a feeling this post will be useful in bridging that gap eventually. 

AMA: Paul Christiano, alignment researcher

When I begin a comment with a quotation, I don't know how to insert new un-quoted text at the top (other than by cutting the quotation, adding some blank lines, then pasting the quotation back). That would be great.

You can do this by pressing enter in an empty paragraph of a quoted block. That should cause you to remove the block. See this gif: 

What Multipolar Failure Looks Like, and Robust Agent-Agnostic Processes (RAAPs)

This is great, thank you! 

Minor formatting note: The italics font on both the AI Alignment Forum and LessWrong isn't super well suited to large block of text, so I took the liberty to unitalicize a bunch of the large blockquotes (which should be sufficiently distinguishable as blockquotes without the italics). Though I am totally happy to reverse it if you prefer the previous formatting. 

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