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Thanks, that is more luxurious than I imagined, so families should have no difficulty finding a large enough place. 

I'm not familiar with London housing prices. Is it possible to affordably rent or mortgage a decent 2 bedroom condo within a 5 minute walk of the offices with your compensation package? (By affordable I mean less than 1/3 of total comp spent on housing, stretching to 1/2 if comp is unusually high.)

Could the hypothetical AGI be developed in a simulated environment and trained with proportionally lower consequences?

Interesting post!

Query: How do you define ‘feasibly’? as in ‘Incentive landscapes that can’t feasibly be induced by a reward function’

As from my perspective all possible incentive landscapes can be induced by reward, with sufficient time and energy. Of course a large set of these are beyond the capacity of present human civilization.