Ozzie Gooen

I'm currently researching forecasting and epistemics as part of the Quantified Uncertainty Research Institute.

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This looks really interesting to me. I remember when the Safety via Debate paper originally came out; I was quite curious to see more work around modeling debate environments and getting a better sense on how well we should expect it to perform in what kinds of situations. From what I can tell this does a rigorous attempt at 1-2 models.

I noticed that this is more intense mathematically than most other papers I'm used to in this area. I started going through it but was a bit intimidated. I was wondering if you may suggest tips for reading through it and understanding it. Do readers need to understand some of Measure Theory or other specific areas of math that may be a bit intense for what we're used to on LessWrong? Are there any other things we should read first or make sure we know to help prepare accordingly?