[Weekly Event] Alignment Researcher Coffee Time (in Walled Garden)

by Adam Shimi1 min read2nd May 2021No comments



I'm organizing a weekly one hour coffee time for alignment researchers to talk about their research and what they're interested about, every Monday starting tomorrow. The time (9pm CEST, see here for your timezone) was decided after I polled a number of people, to allow timezones from PT to IDT (sorry for people in Asia and Australia).

It will happen in the Walled Garden, in the central house which is directly up when you pop up in the Garden. The link of the event is public, although the event is by default reserved for AF members and people invited by them.

Here is the link.

Some basic infos:

  • The restriction to AF members and invitees is mostly so that we don't have to reexplain AI Risk 101 every time. This is not the point of this event. If you're genuinely interested in alignment, and if you've read some of the posts in the AF and are starting to form an image of the field, then by all means come discuss.
  • No obligation to come everytime. The goal is mostly that if you want to talk to a relatively broad range of people instead of having one-on-one calls, you can do so the next week instead of waiting for the next big event.
  • By default there is no talk planned, but if attendees feel like shaking the structure a bit, that's fine.
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