I am excited to announce Web-TAISU!
May 13-17, 2020

I was going to run a Technical AI Safety Unconference (TAISU) at CEEALAR (formerly EA Hotel), Blackpool, UK. Then there was a pandemic. So instead there will be a Web-TAISU on the Internet.

This is an unconference, which means that the program is participant driven. I do have some backup ideas to put in if there are not enough suggestions from you, but I don’t expect those to be necessary.

I thought a lot about how to adapt this event to be run online, and I am grateful to the participants who took time to discuss this with me. In the end I concluded that I think it would work very well to stick to more or less the same format as the in-person TAISU I organised last year. The main adjustment I made is that the days are shorter, both because online calls tend to be more tiring, and for the event to work well in more timezones.

Web-TAISU is scheduled to happen during daytime for everyone in the Americas and Europe and Africa. I’m sorry everyone else, hopefully you find some hours to join, anyway.


Please do this as soon as possible, to give me an idea of who is coming.

  1. Use this Omnipotent to tell me your best guess of when you will be attending Web-TAISU. Go there right now and give me your best guess! You can always change it later.
  2. Create a QiqoChat user
  3. Join the AI Safety Circle
  4. Let others know who you are by filling in your profile
    1. Click on “Profiles”
    2. Click on yourself
    3. Click “Edit”
    4. Add a profile picture - Important!
    5. Fill in the rest of your profile

Schedule and Other Information

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Thanks Linda for organizing, looking forward to it!

Awesome, excited to see this happening again and online (I would have missed this because of starting a new job even without pandemic-related travel restrictions). I might not be there for the whole thing due to said new job, but I really enjoyed it last time and am looking forward to what I can participate in this time!

So... apparently I underestimate the need to send out event reminders, but better late than never. Today is the 2:nd day (out of 4) of Web-TAISU, and it is not too late to join.

General information about the event:

Collaborative Schedule:

Let me know if you have any questions.