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Thanks for this! I think the categories of morality is a useful framework. I am very wary of the judgement that care-morality is appropriate for less capable subjects - basically because of paternalism.

Just to confirm that this is a great example and wasn't deliberately left out.

I found this post to be a clear and reasonable-sounding articulation of one of the main arguments for there being catastrophic risk from AI development. It helped me with my own thinking to an extent. I think it has a lot of shareability value.

I think this is basically correct and I'm glad to see someone saying it clearly.

I agree with this post. However, I think it's common amongst ML enthusiasts to eschew specification and defer to statistics on everything. (Or datapoints trying to capture an "I know it when I see it" "specification".)

The trick is that for some of the optimisations, a mind is not necessary. There is a sense perhaps in which the whole history of the universe (or life on earth, or evolution, or whatever is appropriate) will become implicated for some questions, though.

Interesting - it's not so obvious to me that it's safe. Maybe it is because avoiding POUDA is such a low bar. But the sped up human can do the reflection thing, and plausibly with enough speed up can be superintelligent wrt everyone else.

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