Intro to Brain-Like-AGI Safety

Suppose we someday build an Artificial General Intelligence algorithm using similar principles of learning and cognition as the human brain. How would we use such an algorithm safely?

I will argue that this is an open technical problem, and my goal in this post series is to bring readers with no prior knowledge all the way up to the front-line of unsolved problems as I see them.

If this whole thing seems weird or stupid, you should start right in on Post #1, which contains definitions, background, and motivation. Then Posts #2#7 are mainly neuroscience, and Posts #8#15 are more directly about AGI safety, ending with a list of open questions and advice for getting involved in the field.

(Thanks to Beth Barnes & the Centre For Effective Altruism Donor Lottery Program for financial support. Thanks to the following people for critical comments on drafts: Adam Marblestone, Linda Linsefors, Justis Mills, Charlie Steiner, Maksym Taran, Adam Scholl, Aysja Johnson, Adam Shimi, Cameron Berg, Jacob Cannell, Oliver Daniels-Koch.)