I get worried about things like this article that showed up on the Partnership on AI blog. Reading it there's nothing I can really object to in the body of post: it's mostly about narrow AI alignment and promotes a positive message of targeting things that benefit society rather than narrowly maximize a simple metric. How it's titled "Aligning AI to Human Values means Picking the Right Metrics" and that implies to me a normative claim that reads in my head something like "to build aligned AI it is necessary and sufficient to pick the right metrics" which is something I think few would agree with. Yet if I was a casual observer just reading the title of this post I might come away with the impression that AI alignment is as easy as just optimizing for something prosocial, not that there are lots of hard problems to be solved to even get AI to do what you want, let alone to pick something beneficial to humanity to do.

To be fair this article has a standard "not necessarily the views of PAI, etc." disclaimer, but then the author is a research fellow at PAI.

This makes me a bit nervous about the effect of PAI on promoting AI safety in industry, especially if it effectively downplays it or makes it seem easier than it is in ways that either encourages or fails to curtail risky behavior in the use of AI in industry.

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