I haven't been terribly satisfied by the first few posts in this sequence; they don't do a very good job introducing things. I think part of the problem is the format, so I decided to invest in a high-end studio and try making a video instead.

It's about 10 minutes, covers similar material to the first few posts, but IMO does a better job communicating what's going on.

Causal Abstraction Intro

Feedback on the format is appreciated (including "didn't watch the video but would have read a normal post" or vice versa). So far I think the video provides better explanation per-unit-effort, and I lean toward doing more of them. Obviously both the setup and the postprocessing were pretty low-investment on this one; I'll probably put a bit more effort into production if I'm going to do this regularly.

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Didn't watch the video but would have read the post. Might watch the video only because previous posts have been appetising enough.