Andrew Critch, March 2023:

By boundaries, I just mean the approximate causal separation of regions in some kind of physical space (e.g., spacetime) or abstract space (e.g., cyberspace).  Here are some examples from my «Boundaries» Sequence:

  • a cell membrane (separates the inside of a cell from the outside);
  • a person's skin (separates the inside of their body from the outside);
  • a fence around a family's yard (separates the family's place of living-together from neighbors and others);
  • a digital firewall around a local area network (separates the LAN and its users from the rest of the internet);
  • a sustained disassociation of social groups (separates the two groups from each other)
  • a national border (separates a state from neighboring states or international waters).



«Boundaries»/membranes and AI safety compilation....

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